We All Need Help, Especially when we Need it the Most.

Ex-police Detective Carl Jones, was shot at 6 times during a routine incident, triggering PTSD. He had to learn the hard way to overcome adversity and build resilience in the workplace. Drawing on these experiences he developed techniques to maintain his wellness, using straightforward and effective methodology he now shares his SLAP technique with others.

Wellness in the Workplace has become a necessity


S.L.A.P. because everyone deserves to be Healthy and Happy at work.

Do you have;


An unhappy workplace

You know there is something wrong but you cannot put your finger on it


People leaving

There seems to be a lot of people leaving and it is not just about the money.


Poor team dynamics

People seem to be working but there is an atmosphere and


Leadership concerns

Believe that you leaders and managers would benefit form further training.


High sickness levels

Staff keep going off with stress and are always sick.


Poor work ethic

People turn up, do the bare minimum and have lost the desire to go the extra mile.


Frustrated staff

They are good workers but are constantly battling anger problems.


No work/life balance

Either too much life being had or people are burning themselves out in the office.

Main Services

Half day workshop

Presentation to large groups, to engage and motivate.

Whole day workshop

Deeper in-depth training session to start a transformation in the office.

Professional Speaking

Providing support at away days, conferences and seminars.

Individual coaching

For a more private and personal approach to managing people using the SLAP technique.


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